As today is Palm Sunday, I thought I might look at the significance of the Palm Tree in the time of Jesus.The Palm tree is a very hardy species well adapted to living in places with little water. This is because it has what are known as ‘Tap Roots’. These roots will seek out the water table in arid land and will often sink very deep into the ground in the search for water.The Palm tree, also known as the date Palm, also produces Dates as food. The sap of the Palm tree can also be fermented to produce Palm Wine, and Palm oil has many uses.Palm fronds are also used as very effective roofing materials and haveoftenbeen used as a sign of joy and celebration as we see in our celebration today of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. The Palm was used as a decorative motif on Solomon’s temple (1 Kings 6:29, 32).The Hebrew word for Palm is ‘Tamar’ which is a proper name that we recognise from the Bible. Its use as a place name can be seen in Ezekiel 47:18-19 and as the personal name of Absalom’s sister (2 Samuel 13:11) and his daughter (2 Samuel 14:27).

God bless,

Fr Morrough